About the festival

The drone festival is amazing and uniqe show where you can see the presentation of competition films.

The most exciting part of the drone festival is the race of drones.
The drones will be piloted by system FPV (You will see a view from camera mounted inside drone)

The aim of the festival is:
– Review and promotion for the drone movies.
– Popularization of the modern technology.
– Education for young people.
– The promotion of Poland as innovative and modern state.
– To find and give a reward for the most interesting movies and their creators
– The race of drone by using FPV

The organization of the festival

1. The date of the festival –  16 may 2015
2. Festival organizer: Fotokopter
3. Festival producer: Fotokopter
4. The supervision of the festival is Special Committee.
5. The festival producer appointed the festival organization office.

The members of the festival:

Jarosław Krzyśków
The Originator, The Organizer, the Artistic Director
Krzysztof Hilbrycht
The Program Director, The Organizer
Krzysztof Kasprzycki
The Organizer, Drone Race
Jarosław Listkowski
The Organizer, Drone Race
Artur Rurarz

Jan Bielawski – video
The Organizer, Presentations, The Fair
Justyna Pokrzywnicka
Social Media, Communication
Iwona Bolt – PR
Natalia Gromow – PR

Regulation of the competition in detail